Teide Light Trekking

€39 1 day

Tenerife’s most famous will not disappoint! Travel down the famous Masca gorge, delighting in the untouched beauty and striking vegetation. Enjoy cooling dip in the private beach as you reach the end and await your water taxi back.

Product Description

Teide Light Trekking

Discover the National Park of Teide, UNESCO world heritage, walking around the Roques de Garcia between lava flows and volcanic forms.  We will observe the flora and fauna and also encounter a unique experience, surrounded by an amazing mineral and volcanic scenery.  It is possible to go up to La Rambleta at 3550m in the cable car.  The extra cost is 27euros per adult and 13.50euros for children up to 12 years.  For security and safety reasons the cable car will operate depending on weather conditions.


The price includes transport, guide and walking pack which includes a walking stick.

The guides speak German, English and Dutch