Helicopter (Helidream)

98€ 8 minutes

Helicopter Tours

See the breath taking views of Tenerife




ZONE 20KM – 8-9 minutes

98 euros per person

An unforgettable experience

We take off from the Adeje heliport, heading for the blue sea. In no time, we’ll be flying over a special coast. We’ll pass over the “Puertito” area, a place famous for sightings of turtles, and continue over the romantic fishing village of La Caleta and one of the island’s best-known golf courses, Golf Costa Adeje. Then we’ll take a look at the resort area of Playa de Las Americas and Los Cristianos. This helicopter flight gives us a spectacular panoramic view of this area, which is impossible to appreciate otherwise. The tour enables you to visit the south coast of the island and enjoy views of the island’s most beautiful canyons, very close to the tourist area. This is an ideal way to enjoy your first helicopter experience in Tenerife.

* Costa Adeje * La Caleta * Playa de las Américas * Playa de los Cristianos


ZONE 30KM – 12-15 minutes

145euros per person

We will fly over the romantic fishing village of La Caleta and over one of the famous golf courses of the island, Costa Adeje Golf. Then we will observe the hotel zone of Playa de las Américas and Los Cristianos.Then you can observe the lava flows on the sea of the Mountain of Guaza. Prepare to climb and photograph the Roque del Conde and discover Ifonche and its ravines, we will see the Teide volcano, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997 and the largest peak in Spain surrounded by the impressive Forest Crown.


* Costa Adeje  * La Caleta  * Playa de las Américas   * Playa de los Cristianos  * Roque del Conde  * Parques Acuáticos   * Barranco del Infierno   * Taucho



ZONE 50KM – 20-22 minutes

279 euros per person

Photograph the most extreme, inaccessible, unique and imposing nature

Once we have taken off we go to the romantic fishing village of La Caleta, then go along and photographing the coast towards Playa San Juan.
We will see the magnificent hotels in Alcalá, one of the most prestigious in Tenerife. Upon reaching Los Gigantes we can see the colossal cliffs up to 600m high, this breathtaking vision will be something that you can hardly forget. These spectacular cliffs are one of the wonders of bound destination on the west coast of the island.

Then we will fly over the Forest Crown of the Las Cañadas del Teide National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997) to have a spectacular view of the 3,718m altitude volcano, the highest peak in Spain.

* Costa Adeje * Golf Costa Adeje * La Caleta * Playa San Juan * Alcalá * Puerto de Santiago * Tamaimo * Views of the Teide volcano * Return by coast


LOW ISLAND (Helicopter Tour)

ZONE 85KM – 35-40 minutes

390 euros per person

Enjoy the island’s beautiful landscapes

This is one of the island’s most beautiful flights, combining the southern seascape with the green of the north.

Discover the romantic fishing villages of La Caleta,  Alcalá and Puerto San Juan, with their hotels and golf courses.  Look out for dolphins along the way!

The Puerto de los Gigantes marina and the colossal 300-600 m high cliffs emerging from the ocean will take your breath away. Here you will be able to see these awe-inspiring cliffs’ variety of colours and textures.  Above Buenavista del Norte, the landscape is spectacular, with predominantly green and ochre colours, surrounded by extensive tongues of lava. We will then fly over Garachico and Icod de los Vinos, where you can see the Millennium Drago tree, which is over 1,000 years old. After this, we will continue over the Corona Forestal and El Teide National Parks, showing you all their splendour.

* This price is valid for a minimum of 3 people

* Costa Adeje * Playa San Juan * Alcalá * Puerto de los Gigantes * Acantilados de Los Gigantes * Santiago del Teide * Golf Buenavista


GRAN TEIDE LUXURY (Helicopter Tour)

ZONE 120KM – 45-50 Minutes

An unforgettable experience

This is our VIP tour. Get ready to enjoy breath taking views of the island’s unique natural beauty. We will fly over the Canary Islands’ main attraction; the most visited national park in Europe and second in the world.

Snow-capped in winter, the El Teide volcano has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. It is the highest peak in Spain. You will have the chance to fly over one of the world’s most spectacular natural monuments and see it from a viewpoint that few can enjoy, flying near the Corona Forestal park on a journey of 120km. Enjoy the beauty of the wine-growing Orotava Valley, Puerto de la Cruz, then fly around the alpine area of Vilaflor. Marvel at the lava tongues left in Santiago del Teide by the last volcanic eruption on the island in 1909. On returning to the Adeje  Heliport, you will be given a nice surprise after your flight.

* Costa Adeje * Golf Costa Adeje * La Caleta * Playa San Juan * Alcalá * Puerto Santiago * Santiago del Teide * Vistas a Teno * Buenavista del Norte * Garachico 1 * Regreso por Corona Forestal 1 * Tamaimo 1 * Tejina


PRIVATE FLIGHT (Helicopter Tour)

ZONE 0KM – 1 Hour

1900 euros for a maximum of 4 people

An unforgettable experience

Helidream Helicopters, offers you an hour to design an unforgettable experience. You can design your own flight. Play golf? Go eat at an inaccessible place? Give and surprise. Do you want to propose or ask an important question on the air? Do you want to be a photographer and portray the island from the air? Work locating land, houses, construction, photography and aerial filming.

Times are subject to change due to weather conditions