Ocean Blue short Whale Watching – 3 Hours

Adults - €45 / Children - 30€ 3 hours

It is also accessible for the disabled and has a maximum capacity of 12 passengers.  Also onboard they have a small window that allows sighting under the sea.

Whale Watching Boat Tour – Ocean Blue – 3 Hours

Responsible, quiet and family friendly boat.

Price:  Adults: 45€  /  Children (2-10):  30€
Departs:  Puerto Colon Harbour, South of Tenerife Daily at 13.00 pm
Transport: Not provided


Whale Watching Boat Tour – Ocean Blue – 3 Hours

Responsible, quiet, and family-friendly boat.

Price for Boat Trip with Ocean Blue:

  • Adults: 45€
  • Children (2-10): 30€

Boat accessible for disabled, with a maximum capacity of 12 passengers. Onboard, enjoy a small window for underwater sighting.

Sailing every day at 13:00.

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Environmental Responsibility

Above all, Ocean Blue is committed to environmental stewardship. They prioritize conservation, care, and protection of the marine habitat. Activities include:

  • Picking up trash from the ocean
  • Rescuing marine wildlife
  • Collaborating in the recovery and release of turtles
  • Monitoring and identification of pilot whales

What to Bring

Don’t forget:

  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • If prone to motion sickness, bring your own medication
  • A fully charged camera for amazing snaps
  • Binoculars for an expanded vision
  • A coat or jacket during winter months