Water sports Tenerife packs

Various Prices 60 minutes

Prices:  Various

Duration:  Approximately 3 hours

Schedule:  Daily

Starting Point:  Puerto Colon



Discover the Thrill of Water Sports Tenerife with our packs.  Save money on activities!

Variety of Packs to Choose From

Choose from six different water sports Tenerife packs, each offering a unique combination of thrilling activities. Options include Parascending, Jet Biking, and Fly Fishing, with duration ranging from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

Water sports prices for 2024!

  • Parascending + 20 mins Jet bike + Flyfish – Single Person 95€ Parascending + 20 mins Jet bike + Flyfish – Double Person 165€
  • Parascending + 40 mins Jet bike- Single Person 115€\Parascending + 40 Mins Jet bike – Double 165€
  • Parascending + 1 Hour Jet bike – Single 145€\Parascending + 1 Hour Jet bike – Double 185€
  • Parascending + 1 Hour Jet bike + Flyfish – Single 165€\Parascending + 1 Hour Jet bike + Flyfish – Double 215€
  • Parascending + 2 Hours Jet ski & Fly Fish- Single 215€\Parascending + 2 Hours Jet bike & Fly Fish- Double 265€
  • 20 Minutes Jet bike + Flyboard 15 mins 95€\Flyboard 15 minutes + Parascending 95€

All the packs we are offering will start from Puerto Colon Harbour at South Tenerife or from any main beach in Costa Adeje.

Activity Includes:

Each excursion includes a briefing, as well as all necessary equipment for a safe and enjoyable water sports experience. Professional guides will be on hand to assist throughout the excursion.

No License or Experience Required

There’s no need to have a driving license or prior experience riding a jet ski. The jet bikes can be driven solo or with a passenger.

Note: Maximum duration of the excursion is 3 hours.



Jet Bikes – you have to be 16 years old to drive a single Jet bike and 18 years old for a double.


You can check our water sports offers for 40 mins or 2 hour Jet bike safari!

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