Ocean Blue short whale watchng

Adults - €31 2 hours

2 Hours excursion from Puerto Colon


Short whale watchng boat tour- Ocean Bue

Responsible, quiet and family friendly boat.

Price for boat trip with Ocean Bue:

Adults: 31 Euro

Children (2-10): 16 Euro

It is also accesible for the disabled and has a maximum capacity of 25 passengers. Also onboard they have a small window that allows sighting under the sea.

Sailing every day at 11.00 h.

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Above all they are responsible with the environment. Firstly conserving, secondly caring and thirdly protecting the marine habitat. they also help by picking up trash from the ocean and rescue marine wildlife. They also collaborate with the recovery and release of turtles and with monitoring and identification of pilot whales.

Do not forget to bring sunscreen and sunglasses. If you are prone to motion sickness, with this in mind please bring your own medication if needed. Bring your camera fully charged to take some amazing snaps. You can also bring binoculars if you want to expand your vision. it can be chilly, so bring a coat or jacket if you feel cold out at sea.