Paragliding Tenerife

One person €95 20 minutes

Join us on a thrilling paragliding flight above the south of Tenerife and capture stunning memories with our special camera.


Experience the Thrill of Tandem Paragliding

Paragliding Tenerife with the best!

We offer few options of paragliding, depends on the hight and duration of the flight:

Paragliding Tenerife prices:

Basic flight (recommended):  95 Euro

Basic flight is with duration about 15 – 20 min. Maximum height is about 800 meters. Include free transfer from your hotel!

Ifonche flight: 120 Euro

Ifonche flight is with duration about 25 min. Maximum height is 1000 meters. Free transfer from your hotel!

High Performance flight: 140 Euro

High performance flight is once in a lifetime experience. Duration is about 35 – 40 min. Maximum height of the flight is up to 1400 meters

Please note that all the flight duration and maximum hight might vary, depends from current weather conditions!

Enjoy the Wonderful Landscapes of while Paragliding on Tenerife with Our Expert Instructors with a kangaroo tandem

Paragliding Tenerife Fly over the mountains and the sea coast. Paragliding in the sky to the beach of LA Caleta! Book your flight now!

To be able to fly paragliding with an instructor, you do not need to take any course or have previous experience.

We will carry out a briefing where we will give you the instructions that you must follow to carry out the flight safely, both at takeoff and landing.

Once in the air, you can enjoy the wonderful landscapes of Tenerife. Our expert pilots will indicate the main points of interest and look for thermal currents in order to prolong your flight time.

No Experience Required

Our company is authorized by the Government of the Canary Islands and we offer daily service, weather permitting. We also provide high-quality technical equipment, videos, and photographic reports of your flight.

Tandem Paragliding Tenerife – No Experience Required – Enjoy the Beautiful Landscapes

If you have any questions visit about our FAQ section on the site or contact us!