Jet Ski Circuit 20 min.

Single €60 / Double 70€ 20 minutes

Jet Ski circuit 20min free ride in an ocean sea track! Speed through the Atlantic waters and break through the waves. Best jets for 2023 here!

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Jet Ski circuit 20 min. free ride /no safari/!

The activity is by the cost line of Tenerife South. Fanabe beach, El Duque, Troya, Las Americas and Los Cristianos!

After a safety briefing and instructional session to get you comfortable with the jetski, charge out into the open water for a 20-minute adventure around the circuit.

This is the closest we can offer to a free ride Jet Ski on Tenerife!

Each jet bike can hold up to 2 people, so you can choose to drive alone or with a partner as you jump over waves and roar through the water.

Experience the thrill of riding a Jet Ski on a 20-minute circuit around the coast of Tenerife.

Our Jet Ski circuit is designed to give you an exhilarating and exciting ride while taking in the stunning views of the island.

You’ll have the opportunity to navigate through the crystal clear waters and see the island from a different perspective.

All our Jet Ski’s are well-maintained and easy to operate, making them suitable for riders of all skill levels. Each circuit includes a safety briefing and instructions on how to operate the Jet Ski.

This is a must do activity in Tenerife for anyone visiting and looking for an adventure on the island.

The only in Tenerife Jst Ski free ride in an ocean sea park!

Whether you choose to ride alone or with someone else, your time on the jet ski is sure to be memorable.

If you have any questions visit our FAQ section on the site or contact us!

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