FlyFish or Banana ride

€15 10 minutes

Book here your 100% adrenaline ride on Flyfish, Banana boat or Dragon /puled fast by sped boat/ ride from any beach from Los Cristianos to Costa Adeje!



Book Flyfish or banana ride on Tenerife

Absolute fun! Starting from any beach at Costa Adeje, Tenerife!

The  challenges the laws of physics flying really high and speedy.

The minimum age for this activity is 10 years old.

Maximum 6 people at a time.

Book here and now your 100% adrenaline ride on flyfish, banana boat or dragon ride behind a speed boat.

Enjoy the time of your life flying around here you can book:

Reserve your Banana ride Dragon, UFO or flyfish Tenerife! Your sea adventure is waiting for you!

Choose your fun and book with us!

Enjoy the time of your life flying around on either the Banana, UFO or Dragon.  Are you the kind of person who love intense experiences and also want to show that your courage has no limits? This is your attraction!

For many years this has always been our number one activity on the beaches in Tenerife.

Anyone older than 10 years can ride it and can be rented for a group, for a person or just for you and your couple.


If you have any questions visit about our FAQ section on the site or contact us!