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Your Ultimate Guide: Siam Park 2023


Siam park the best water park in Europe

Siam park 2023

A Comprehensive Guide to Siam Park: Your One-Stop Source of Information

To make the most of your visit, it’s best to plan ahead and book early. In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know, including operating times, ticket options, themed events, insider tips, what to bring, and how to get there.

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Why is Siam park so famous?

Siam Park, is a must-visit water park for all adrenaline junkies and families. With a stunning Thai-inspired architecture,  21 areas, attractions, white sand beaches, thrilling water rides and abundance of areas for smaller children, is a thrilling destination that is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories.

Siam park 2023

Siam park-The grates water park in Europe!

Opening times

Summer schedule: From April the 1rst to October 29th

From Monday to Sunday 10.00 am – 6.00 pm with limited capacity.

Winter schedule: From October 30th to March 31rst

From Monday to Sunday 10.00 am – 5.00 pm with limited capacity.

What day is quietest at Siam Park?

If you want to avoid the crowd, Sundays are the quietest days. Tuesdays and Fridays are also less crowded as they are changeover days, or days when visitors leave and arrive.

Siam park Attractions:

Relax – you deserve it

  • May Thai river

To take a break and enjoy the exotic views of the park, a good suggestion is to visit the Mai Thai River. A tropical river running through the park with slow and fast sections offering the best views of it. It also has a special “relax” area to complete the experience.

Mai Thai river

Mai Thai river

  •  Coco Beach – Siam beach

Coco Beach with a wave pool of more than 1,000 m2 is definitely a “MUST” . What is offers children is to have lots of water fun while spending time with their families. Here you will find absolutely everything that you need for that: lifeguards are there to keep a watchful eye on your children; the artificial waves are gentle and calm; delicious food at the restaurant area is not to be missed and, last but not least, a beach with beautiful white sand that comes directly from Africa and has a special feature – it does not stick to your skin!

Siam park - Coco Beach

Siam park – Coco Beach

  • Cabaña, VIP House, VIP Villa – Siam park VIP

Cabaña: To enjoy the park exclusively or to celebrate memorable occasions, Siam Park offers 3 private cabañas equipped with all the details for a truly different experience. It includes Fast Pass and limited all inclusive service in the restaurants. Each cabaña has hammocks, shower deck, towels, fan, sofa, TV and minibar.

Cabana- Siam park

Cabana- Siam park

VIP House: A unique space, located at Siam Beach, where you can enjoy the best views of the water kingdom. In a unique and different way, this spacious house with jacuzzi is ideal for special events. It is equipped with sun beds, solarium, shower, towels, fan, sofa, TV and minibar. Also, those who choose this space for a special day also enjoy Fast Pass, your own float and limited all inclusive service in the restaurants.

VIP Villa: Spend an unforgettable day in the most exclusive area of the park. A villa specially designed for you to enjoy a perfect moment or celebrate an important event. With a wide range of exclusive services, private Jacuzzi and all-inclusive service, you’ll enjoy the best water park in the world in a different and unique way!
It Includes: Unlimited Fast Pass, solarium, our own float, bathroom with shower, towels, TV and ample space.

Vila VIP - Siam park

Vila VIP – Siam park

  • Champagne Club Siam park and Balinese Beach bed

Enjoy incredible dream views while relaxing in our Balinese beds specially designed for your comfort.
Moreover, there is an all -inclusive service among other Premium services and a bottle of champagne.
What are you waiting for, come and enjoy the best Champagne club.

Shampagne Club

Shampagne Club-Balinese beds

Includes locker, towel, Fast Pass, All-inclusive service and bottle of champagne.

  • Floating Market

The Floating Market will transport you to a typical Thai village where you can buy snacks, sunscreen or souvenirs to take back home.

Floating market - siam park

Floating market – Siam park

  • Sea Lion Island

As you enter the park there is a warm welcome from the fun-loving Sea Lions. They can be watched as they swim and play, showing you just how much fun can be had in the water.

Family – Fun for everyone

  • Naga Racer

To complete the fun, you cannot miss the best experience of living a race of slides with family or friends! Enjoy the best experience in company with Siam Park!

  • Sawasdee

Siam Park completes the experience for the little ones with Sawasdee! The special children’s area that includes the best attractions for the grown-ups, adapted to the size of the smallest.
An area where the fun is endless, a real jungle with different water slides to meet the energies of all the children!

Sawasdee - Siam park

Sawasdee – Siam park

  • Jungle Snake

The snakes are already prepared in Jungle Snakes!
On floats, single or in pairs, you will float on a thin film of water while you glide through the depths of the jungle.
Pay close attention to surprises because some slides are open and you can see the scenery, but others will immerse you in the adventure!

  • The Lost City

Siam Park is full of surprises for people of every age. Therefore, the younger ones have their own children´s area where they can enjoy playing. “The Lost City” is built with multiple towers, bridges, nets, cascades and 15 water slides. Furthermore, The Lost City is the only pool made for babies on the whole Canary Islands.

The lost city - Siam park

The lost city – Siam park

  • The Wave Palace at the Siam beach

Siam Park has many claims to fame but none that we’re more proud of than our wave pool. We have the biggest artificial waves in the world! Rising up to 3 metres high you can jump right in and let the surf crash over you or paddle at the edges on our incredible and vast white sands.

The wave palace - Siam park

The wave palace – Siam park

  • The Giant

Both children and adults have a lot of fun at “El Gigante”, the biggest one in the world, which will take you to a universe of fantasy and legendary adventure, while you slide through the surprising funnel of this attraction.

Adrenalin – Are you ready?

  • Kinnaree

It will take your breath away if you dare to discover its secrets!
Live an authentic experience in this incredible attraction with a funnel which will provoke an emotional burst of laughter. Go ahead through the water slide to discover the secrets of the goddess, all within abundant vegetation, to finally slide vertiginously towards a big tornado wave.

Kinnaree - Siam park

Kinnaree – Siam park

  • Mekong Rapids

The real way to fully enjoy the true aquatic adventure of Indiana Jones is together with your friends on an inflatable rubber boat. Try to not laugh while you descend the water slide. We don´t believe you will make it!

  • Dragon

A true sensation of zero gravity at the “Dragon”attraction!
Designed for lovers of fun in good company, you can share this experience, unique in Europe, with up to four people in the same float.
In this magnificent slide with a totally vertical funnel, you will experience a unique vertical sensation.

Theme Parks on Tenerife

Dragon – Siam park

  • Tower of Power

If you like adrenaline, you cannot miss it!
In this water slide of a height of 28m you can reach a speed of up to 80km/h, finishing the ride passing through a huge aquarium full of sharks and rays.

Tower of power- Siam park

Tower of power – Siam park

  • The Vulcano

An attraction which will render you speechless!
Comfortably sitting in clover leaf tubes for up to 4 people you ride through a completely dark water slide and then fall down into the volcano where a laser light show will complete the sensation of acceleration to infinity.

  • Singha

The newest at Siam Park!
More than a water slide: „Singha“ is a water roller-coaster with high speed curves and 14 direction changes which garanties a real injection of adrenalin and fun. 6 meters per second ascending and 18 meters per second falling. This speed hasn´t ever been seen in a water park before!

Singha - Siam park

Singha – Siam park

  • Patong Rapids

Searching for a thrilling ride for you and your friends? Experience our new attraction Patong Rapids, which will take you away through incredible twists and turns. It includes sections of complete darkness, as well as open areas that allow you to take a glimpse of the Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful Tenerife’s coastline. What is more is that you get a unique opportunity to see the face expressions of your friends while enjoying an unprecedented experience of speed and adrenaline. With the capacity of 1200 people per hour, the waiting time to enjoy the ride is reduced to the minimum.

Siam Night – Every summer, in July and August

Every summer, in July and August, a special event called Siam Nights offered. Visitors can enjoy Siam Park in unusual time, from 8:00pm to midnight.

The main differences from the regular entrance are music and lights, which makes the atmosphere quite surrealistic, specially in the dark time. Even more, the live DJ sets are performed on Siam Beach.

Another advantage of visiting Siam Night is the fact that it’s not crowded as it often happens on daytime. You can enjoy all the slides and attractions without queues. There’s really no need to purchase fast pass on Siam Night.

Siam Night

Siam Night

Top Tips for a perfect visit Siam park – FQA

When it comes to visiting any popular theme park, it’s best to know before you go. Here are some of our top insider tips for those planning a day at Siam Park.

  • Purchase Siam Park tickets online and enter directly, without waiting in a queue at the entrance.
  • Grab a Siam Park map. When you arrive at Siam Park, make sure you grab a map at the entrance. This will help you find your way around, which in turn will help you make the most of your day there. There are also map stands scattered all over the park so may also use them.
  • Do you take your own towels to Siam Park?
    You can Rent a towel. If you do forget yours – or need another because your own gets soaked – you can rent a towel at the park for around 5 Euros.
  • Hire a locker. Lockers for valuables can be rented at the park, and as you can’t take items like phones, money or keys onto the rides you’re very likely to need one. There are two sizes to choose from, and which you need will depend on what you bring and how many of you can share.
    • Small lockers. These cost around 5 Euros.
    • Large lockers. It costs about 7 Euros for a bigger locker.
  • Ride Tower of Power first. Although you might want to ease yourself in at Siam Park with a gentler water slide, we recommend going straight for Tower of Power. This attraction has no skip the line option, so it’s a good idea to get on there early in the day before the park gets too busy. It also means if you’re feeling a little nervous about plummeting 28m on a near vertical drop at 80km/h (and who wouldn’t be?!) you get it over with right at the start! Who knows, you might even want to give it another go…
  • Use sun cream and drink plenty of water. When adrenaline hits, you can quickly forgot on the most basic stuff. Sun in strong!
  • Is the water heated in the Siam park?
    The water in the pools is heated to a comfortable 24°C, so even on a cloudy day you should have no problems enjoying what the park has to offer.
  • What age is Siam Park good for?
    Siam Park is brilliant for kids right through from toddlers to teens. So much thought has gone into designing the rides with kids in mind. No, they won’t be able to go on everything but the rides they can, they (and you) will love.

Where to eat in Siam park?

  • The Tea House. It offers a huge variety of the best teas, coffees and crepes.
  • Sweet Siam. Get attracted by the sweetest establishment at Siam Park. You will enjoy the best cakes and ice cream.
  • Thai Bar. A place to have a drink or celebrate a cocktail looking up to the stars on comfortable couches with a unique ambience and views of the Mai Thai River. Enjoy the best champaign, sangria or a cocktail.
  • Beach Club. Located at the beach with a typical Thai architecture. Try the chicken and hamburger with French fries.
  • Beach Bar. Enjoy summer during the whole year at our bar with the best barbecues, cocktails and especially hot dogs and mojitos!
Siam park - beach club restaurant

Siam park – beach club restaurant

Can I take a picnic to Siam Park? You can’t bring food into the park!

This is another great reason to go all-inclusive! Theme park food is often pricey so most customers will try to bring some food into the park. Unfortunately, with the exception of water, you can’t bring anything into the park so leave the picnic basket at home!

How to get to Siam Park

Visitors can travel to Siam Park by car, or a comprehensive range of bus options is available. Which suits you best will depend on where you are staying and when you can travel.


Siam park entrance

By car

If you are traveling to Siam Park from the direction of Santa Cruz in north-eastern Tenerife, take the south highway TF-1 and use exit 73.

When coming from Costa Adeje in south-western Tenerife, travel via the TF-1 highway and leave at exit 73.

Car parking at Siam Park

There are two car parks available: one free and another one paid. The one that is right by Siam Park’s entrance is paid. No matter if you will leave your car to the right or to the left side of the entrance. Places are limited and thus are subject to availability. The current cost is 5 Euros, but rates may be subject to change without warning.

The second car park is on the right side of Siam Park, right opposite the Siam Mall. And it’s actually free. However, it fills up very quickly, especially during high season, so do bear this in mind.

By bus

A free shuttle bus Siam Park 2023

If you’re staying in Los Cristianos, Playa de las Americas or Costa Adeje, a free bus shuttle service is operated daily by Siam Park. This runs between 09:30 and 18:00. Buses depart once per hour, and this is the approximate schedule, including all stops:


Free shuttle Bus stop- Siam Park

You can find more detailed information for those who are staying in these areas below.

From western Tenerife to Siam park

Paid bus shuttle service from the west coast and north of the island. This includes a weekly bus from Los Gigantes which operates every Thursday and Sunday. Tickets must be purchased at least 24 hours in advance.

Other options include taking a taxi or a local bus. A taxi to Siam Park will cost around 35-40 Euros each way, or local bus routes 473 and 477 travel to Costa Adeje bus station (Estación Costa Adeje T). The park is around 10 minutes’ walk from there, or you could take a taxi. If travelling by public bus, the 477 is the best bet, as Costa Adeje station is its final destination. The 477 will also get you there more quickly than the 473.

From Tenerife North to Siam park

One option is the bus transfer that can take you from the north of the island to Siam Park. This sets off from Puerto de la Cruz, stopping in Santa Ursula, Santa Cruz, and Las Caletillas en route.

This route operates every day, departing the first stop at 08:10 in the morning. It departs Siam Park at 17:00. Once again, you must buy the ticket in advance.

Travelling between Puerto de la Cruz and Siam Park by car will take just over an hour.

Los Cristianos to Siam Park

Those based in Los Cristianos can hop on the free shuttle service provided by Siam Park. This can be accessed via the ‘Centro Comercial Pasarela’ and ‘Hotel Sol Arona Tenerife’ stops. The first bus departs from here at around 10:15, and hourly throughout the day from then on.

By car, it takes around 10 minutes to drive from Los Cristianos to Siam Park.

If you wish to travel via public bus, route 424 is the best bet as it begins at the ‘Los Cristianos top. You should alight at the ‘Siam’ bus stop. You can find full details of the route.

Playa de las Americas to Siam Park

In Playa de las Americas, you can hop on the free Siam Park bus at stops ‘Llanos de Troya’, ‘Best Tenerife’ and ‘Centro Comercial Presidente’. The first bus leaves at between 09:50 and 10:00, and they depart hourly from then on.

Reaching Siam Park from Playa de las Americas by car will take around six minutes, or the public bus route 424 is again an option.

You can catch this at the ‘Zentral Center’ or ‘Columbus’ bus stops, and should alight at the ‘Siam’ stop. You can check out the complete route.

Costa Adeje to Siam Park

As Siam Park is located in Costa Adeje, you may already be really close to it, though it could be a bit further away depending on exactly where you are staying. Once more, the free shuttle can be accessed via the ‘Centro Comercial El Duque’, ‘Centro Comercial Fañabe Plaza’, and ‘Villa Adeje Beach’ bus stops.

The public bus 424 route is also an option for those located near the ‘Los Geranios’ and ‘Magma’ stops.

When arriving at Costa Adeje bus station (Estación Costa Adeje) from any other town, Siam Park is just 10 minutes’ walk away. Alternatively, you could take a taxi.

Siam park – TICKETS – book here!

Purchase tickets for Siam Park online and enter directly, without waiting in a queue at the entrance.

  • Siam park tickets price is 40€ for adult and 28€ for children (3-11 years)​​​​.
  • ​​Premium Ticket includes:
    Adult park tickets + locker + towel + food voucher 15€ (at the Beach Club restaurant)​​.
    Children park tickets (3-11 years)  + locker + towel + food voucher up to 9 € (at the Beach Club restaurant)​​.
  • All Inclusive ticket includes:
    Includes preferential access to attractions, free consumption of food and drinks, a towel and a locker. Tower of Power is excluded from preferential access.
    The All Inclusive service entitles you to the desired drinks at the Beach Bar, Beach Club, Thai House and Thai Bar. It consists of: beer, soft drinks, water, ice cream and all food. Excluded are chocolates, sweets, cocktails, spirits and other alcoholic beverages.
  • ​​Tween ticket includes entrance for two parks – Siam Park and Loro Park, visited on separate days. 10€ cheaper than buying a ticket for each park.​​ Twin Ticket price is 70€. Siam Park entrance is 40€ and Loro Park entrance is 40€.​​​​
  • Additional Fast Pass (fast track) tickets you can buy directly at the cash desk. Any slide 1x without waiting in line and 1 slide 2x (Excluding the Tower of Power). Price 18€.


Siam park - underwater tunnel

Siam park – underwater tunnel


  • FREE shuttle bus. Available for Costa Adeje, Las Americas and Los Christianos only.
  • FREE Services. The use all the slides, sun loungers, tubes, life jackets and umbrellas is included in the entrance price.
  • FREE WiFi. Free wireless internet connection in the whole park.
  • Parking places. Parking places available for a price of 5€ (subject to unanticipated changes). Limited number of places.
  • Shops. Located on the Floating Market where you can buy snacks, sweets, sun protection or souvenirs as a memory for when you are home.
  • Renting of lockers and towels. Dressing rooms and showers free of charge. The lockers and towels can be rented.




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